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Experiential photographic walks, a different concept

 Our walks are photographic experiences whether you have a camera or not. The best photos are often the ones that were only taken from the heart and that you take with you forever. Undoubtedly we are passionate about photography and it is true that it is our "excuse" to travel, becoming an inspiration that has led us to specialize in the design of this type of photographic walks.

Adventure & Experience

We are photographers and we like to travel and share. We take care of organizing the routes so that the photographic experience can be fully enjoyed in the place where it has been scheduled. We share what we know with you, we accompany you to the best photographic locations and we put at your disposal what we know about our photographic walks, where are the corners that you will end up falling in love with and how to get them to open the doors to those impossible captures... But you have Keep in mind that we will carry a good dose of adventure in our backpacks and that we can improvise changes along the route by decision of the group and depending on what we find. Sometimes life surprises you with an unexpected photo opportunity and we will surely take advantage of it!!!

Peña Remoña


Our walks will always be coordinated  by a photographer and on many occasions,  even two photographers with the group. Our experiences are not photography courses, although the photographers will provide photographic advice during the walk whenever possible and will be in charge of finding the ideal locations to carry out the proposed walks and whose realization will depend on the necessary conditions in the place that we are visiting 


each participant  he has to know that he is absolutely responsible for himself and that he is autonomously part of a photographic activity. You will always be free to move wherever you want and fully responsible for your own punctuality when the group moves from one location to another. 

Photography often invites us to remain absorbed without realizing that we can separate ourselves from the group... and sometimes, we will separate ourselves from others because we need our own rhythm to photograph or simply to be somewhere and feel it deeply...

Being aware of our colleagues and being aware of who accompanies us is appreciated and does not cost anything. 

Punta Dichoso
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